Glos Heroes Nomination

Last Updated:
September 7, 2022

We are so excited and proud to announce that one of our very own NeoNatal Sister's has been nominated and shortlisted in the final 10 fantastic candidates for the Glos Heroes award.

Anne Wirstuik is not only a neonatal sister at GRH NICU unit, working within an incredible team (which in itself is being a hero), but she has also been instrumental in setting up the HOPE group - the support group for families with babies requiring neonatal care.

Anne is passionate about helping the babies and their families not only whilst on the unit but also wanting to help create a strong support network once they leave the unit. Setting up coffee mornings for parents to gather and chat, a listening ear offering support and advice, making connections with a variety of family support networks outside of the unit and of course being an avid supporter of the fundraising events for Scoo-B-Doo.

HOPE is a group that was co-founded and primarily run by volunteer parents that had experienced neonatal care at the hospital themselves, but Anne's connection with the unit and contributions are so important to helping the group to continue to grow and develop successfully and be the much needed support to parents and families.

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