The Watkins Running Challenge

Last Updated:
September 7, 2022

March 2021 was been a busy one for Sarah, Alfie and Faith Watkins with a fantastic fundraising effort.  They embarked on a running challenge to raise money for two charities very close to them, one of them was Scoo-B-Doo.  Sarah has seen first hand how the funds raised by Scoo-B-Doo are vital as she experienced time on the NeoNatal unit with Alfie when he was born.The challenge was for Sarah to run 100km and Alfie and his twin sister Faith to run 50km each.  

As a 'non runner' Sarah had joked with a friend that she would never be able to get her to run, but after a difficult lockdown Christmas she decided she needed to work towards something and to achieve something meaningful. But it wasn't just Sarah who wanted to join in, Faith and Alfie insisted they wanted to join in too. Sarah would run 100km and Alfie and Faith would run 100km between them.  

Sarah tells of when she tucked Faith into bed, Faith whispered that she wanted to do the challenge as the NeoNatal unit had helped to save her brother.The challenge began with Sarah running a few KM everyday, steadily increasing throughout the month.  The twins joined in every other day, getting their distance in on runs home from school.

When asked Sarah of her achievements "I am super proud of our achievements, especially Faith & Alfie’s...they stuck with it to the end. Am I converted? I won’t be running everyday again for a while but I’m certainly going to keep up the fitness now"Sarah, Alfie and Faith raised a fantastic £750 for Scoo-B-Doo and ran an impressive 203.79km between them!  It is through challenges such as this that much needed funds are raised.  Huge thank you to Sarah, Alfie and Faith and everyone who donated to their challenge.

Run entirely by volunteers
Donations fund 80% of the life-saving equipment used every day in Gloucester Royal Hospital's Special Care Baby Unit.